It really is all about YOU. Whatever program you choose, it starts with a strategy session to learn how to get you where you want to be- and beyond. The session is not intense physically, but it will be a one-to-one hour to discuss your goals, your availability, and your preferred methods of training so we can create a plan to healthy(er) living.


We are impassioned individuals with the experience, empathy, and solutions to get you moving to look, feel, and BE your best. A holistic approach, we include weight management consultations and programs in conjunction with our fun yet challenging workouts.

4 Core Values We Incorporate Into Our Training Centric Facility


“Life is Better in Motion”

Our philosophy revolves around the foundation of movement- and builds upon this with goal specific training. We all must move to live, and we should move often. IF movement is a primary function of healthy life, isn’t it natural to ensure we move to the best of our ability? We focus on safe, foundational practices to keep you healthy and optimizing your workouts.


“Dare to Dream”

It really is all about YOU. What drives you? What motivates you to be better? We want to know! Our focused training will turn your hopes and desires into SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC, targets. Whether you choose our program of Classes, Small Group, or a more detailed customized program, we care about your results and will challenge you to get you there, and beyond.


“Every Person is Defined by the Communities she Belongs to.”

At RC Conditioning and Kettlebell Korner, the community of our playground will inspire you –in fact, it might shock you as you start looking forward to exercise classes. Join like minded people who will share in their success, and build lifelong friendships to support your healthy lifestyle.


“Variety is the Spice of Life!”

The methodology behind certain cross training has merit- varied training will help you get results. It will also keep you coming back for more. No more boring routines. Each day is different- and if you enter our customized program design, you will get varied workouts – building in strength, conditioning, interval training, and yes- endurance training! No class is the same- and we often utilize team training, obstacle courses, and fun challenges – 1 hour sessions will fly by in a blink!

What our members say

  • For you guys and ladies out there who are looking to learn something new and take your fitness to a new level orif you are just starting out and want to learn how to exercise properly and safely, then Robin is the personal training coach for you.

    Author image
    • Frank A.
  • Robin is an amazing trainer, so motivational. I feel so strong and confident now. I see now that you don't have to be skinny or in perfect shape; you just have to be motivated and want it. Robin's kettlebell class is a perfect way to get a full body workout and we also have a lot of fun. 

    Author image
    • Alicia Rentas
    • Kettlebell Krew
  • Robin is extremely knowledgeable and listens to what my goals are and my abilities. Her kettlebell training has helped me achieve many results such as building up strength, creating a leaner body shape, and a better posture. 

    Author image
    • Heather Walsh-McVay
    • Kettlebell Krew
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