“Get Strong!” That’s what my Team Leader told me in my evaluation to obtain my SFG Instructor certification. Simplicity- that’s part of what kettlebell training is about. Keep things simple; concentrate on your form and technique- and kettlebells will get you strong. They will also condition you beyond your expectations. That is, if you use them correctly. Side benefit- they are very different from anything else you will do at the gym- and that makes them FUN.

Take the time to learn the form; drill the technique and you will not regret using kettlebells as your primary source of physical conditioning.

I began using kettlebells like most of us; they showed up one day in my gym, a fad, and it seemed like everyone was using them. I did some of the popular high intensity training regimens, and kettlebells were used for metabolic conditioning- crazy full body swings with the bell overhead…these workouts would leave me panting with a sore back the next day.

And then I started doing research, and went to my introductory hard style kettlebell class. I spent an entire day on two movements- the swing and the Getup. My real training began. My “workouts” became “sessions” and both my strength and cardiorespiratory endurance increased dramatically. Why? I’d been using kettlebells for years…but I wasn’t using the correct form and tension. I was cheating myself and my body. Therein started my journey to become.

A strong first kettlebell Instructor. www.strongfirst.com

Take the time to work with an instructor like me to learn the proper technique and tension-building process. Learn your body and become aware of its limitations. Be humbled, and work on these areas to “get strong.” You will see rewards both in strength, endurance, and body composition.

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