Our Klasses combine the art of hardstyle kettlebell training,
along with bodyweight and other functional techniques.

New members are welcome to get onboard with an introductory, private session to assess mobility and provide basic technique instruction.
This will allow you to jump into classes safely and get the most out of your time!


About the Classes and Membership Options:
About Kettlebells:

No tool is better to obtain your fitness goals, whether it be strength, hypertrophy, conditioning, or body composition. It’s all about power production, alternate tension and relaxation, breathing, and form. Learn these techniques and realize what the kettlebell can bring you, in as short a time as 15 minutes!!!

  • Learn how to create power using the proper technique
  • Build strength and get conditioned with low impact, safe, yet intense workouts
Starter Pack

If you have never swung a kettlebell, you will need to purchase a Starter Pack to learn the movements that make kettlebell training so unique and powerful. 2 private sessions and 3 fundamentals (Beginning Beller) klasses to build a strong foundation cost: $199

Small Group Training Klasses
Kore Konditioning & Kore Strength

Sessions will include a 10 minute warmup, followed by a strength session incorporating kettlebells, bodyweight, TRX, Sandbags, and weights. The 2nd half of the class will focus on a workout designed to condition with metabolic training, as well as other High Intensity Training strategies. Classes are Small Group (max 10) to give appropriate attention to members. All abilities can participate!

The Kettlebell:
Kettlebell Krew Klasses

These classes are kettlebell specific, and incorporate both strength and conditioning techniques provided with one versatile tool. Learn new movements together in class, and reinforce basic form as you get stronger and build more endurance.

Karma Kettlebell

Karma Kettlebell mixes the arts of kettlebell training and yoga-inspired moves. This unique blend will allow participants to tune in to their bodies, turning on muscle groups to increase strength and mobility. A combination of strength, posture, and flow will take you to a whole new level!

Kettlebell Technique

This technique class focuses on smart movement and training techniques to build the foundation of strength and conditioning. This class is great for an introduction to kettlebells, and mandatory for new kettlebellers. It’s also a great class for experienced swingers to hone technique in any of the movements we use in class.

Membership Options
  • 3 Month Unlimited Contract
    1. $150 Per Month, billed at the 1st of each Month for 3 months.
    2. Drawn automatically via EFT or CC
    3. Unlimited Access to All Kettlebell Korner Klasses
    4. Weigh-Ins
    5. Nutritional Support
    6. Discounted MealPlan access through Fit With Flavor
  • Month to Month Membership- Unlimited Access
    1. $175 per Month. Does not automatically bill.
    2. Must renew manually every month.
    3. Unlimited Access to All Kettlebell Korner Klasses and Events
    4. Weigh-ins
    5. Nutritional Support
    6. Discounted MealPlan access through Fit with Flavor
  • Once a week Training- Month to Month
    1. $100 Per Month
    2. Access to one class per week
    3. Does Not Automatically Renew
    4. Additional Klasses pay drop-in rate per klass
  • Join our community and participate in all sorts of events!
  • Saturday Morning Running Group- Wake up and Lace Up!
  • Local Hiking Trips & Fun Group Games
  • Workshops/Seminars for Fitness and Wellness
  • Challenges and Wellness Programs scheduled throughout the year
Functional Movement: FMS TESTING

Robin embraces movement as the foundation of living. Movement is vital, and frequent movement is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, movement must be quality- “first move well, then move often,” Gray Cook founder of FMS states. Simple and so true.

Do you have a “bad shoulder?” Do you wonder why your back hurts when you twist a certain way? Do you wish you had more flexibility? Then the FMS should be the start of your strategy to look, feel, and move better.

The Functional Movement Screen is a 7 part test that looks at your movement in various patterns. There is no “wrong” score- it is simply a baseline from which to draw for performance in future workouts and exercises. The test is provided in an hour session format; a score is created and will be discussed. Then, corrective strategies will be provide in the form of exercises to be incorporated in your warmups.  The results are sent to you via email, along with videos of the exercises demonstrating the movement.

The FMS is not a “one time” thing; once the corrective strategies are provided, they will be progressed and you should be retested periodically to see how your body is responding.