Kettlebell Group Training Services

The Kettlebell Korner traditional Kettlebell Klasses are the foundation on which we are built. They are structured in an hour format, with hardstyle techniques incorporated from warmup to cool down. Kettlebells are used as our strength and conditioning tool throughout the entire class.

These sessions build strength, enhance mobility, and increase cardio conditioning.
A prerequisite to class is either prior kettlebell experience swinging a bell, a week in our other classes, or at least 2 private sessions with us to teach the key movement and principles associated with the hardstyle swing.

For more information on our style of training check out Strongfirst,

Focused Coaching

One-on-one training to get you beyond the results you want. FMS Screen and flexibility/stability assessed and addressed for performance. Nutritional Guidance available. Pair with unlimited classes for the ultimate package! Scheduling available. Want to workout with a friend? Duo-Train and share the cost!

Request for Pricing: starting at $199 a month

Small Group Training Services

Our hallmark YouFIT- small group training sessions designed to maximize your time in our facility. Any one, from any range of fitness, is encouraged to join our community as long as they have a positive attitude and an open mind.

These Klasses make up much of our small group sessions. Kettlebells are used quite a bit, but these classes are carefully structured to be varied from day to day, using a wide array of training tools designed with movements to engage large muscle groups, thereby maximizing the benefit in both strength gains and cardiorespiratory fitness.

It is not rare for us to incorporate engaging activities into our training; one day you may see a game of frisbee in the warmup, other days will be spent at the indoor soccer field in our facility, bringing athletic agility drills or basic foundational movement like crawling, rolling, etc.

Nutritional Guidance

Need help getting your diet on track? Our food journal program is a perfect way to become aware, and accountable of the food we eat. Program comes with your own food journal, bi-weekly weigh-ins, and journal analysis/counseling. Exercise is important for health, but nutritional plays an even larger role in keeping the body optimally functioning- and looking good!

Purchase the program for $50 a month, or as part of a training wellness package.



Nutritional Counseling Wholetrition Alesha Lazan

Looking for more help as it relates to nutritional needs? Look no further? Our studio comes with our very own Alesha Lazan, owner of Wholetrition. She is a certified nutritionist, and has helped many overcome their obstacles as it relates to their relationship with food.  Her services include blood analysis, meal plans, and private consulting. Check out her website for more information, including fees and services.

Purchase the program for $50 a month, or as part of a training wellness package.