Robin Campbell

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Meet Robin

Robin has customized her life to make health and vitality a priority. It IS Possible! She has followed her passion and has tested various methodologies that comprise optimal body composition and a healthy lifestyle: Her foundation lies in key areas of wellness and fitness: Functional Movement, Strength Training, and Metabolic Conditioning. These core areas mean safe, effective classes and programs designed to help you look and feel your best.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer, A Strongfirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor, a Functional Movement Systems Professional, and an RRCA Certified Running Coach. Her system of instruction combines her diverse certification knowledge to create a complete program that WILL get you BEYOND the results you want.

Personal Training
Functional Movement: FMS TESTING Robin embraces movement as the foundation of living. Movement is vital, and frequent movement is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, movement must be quality- “first move well, then move often,” Gray Cook founder of FMS states. Simple and so true. Do you have a “bad shoulder?” Do you wonder why your back hurts when you twist a certain way? Do you wish you had more flexibility? Then the FMS should be the start of your strategy to look, feel, and move better. The Functional Movement Screen is a 7 part test that looks at your movement in various patterns. There is no “wrong” score- it is simply a baseline from which to draw for performance in future workouts and exercises. The test is provided in an hour session format; a score is created and will be discussed. Then, corrective strategies will be provide in the form of exercises to be incorporated in your warmups. The results are sent to you via email, along with videos of the exercises demonstrating the movement. The FMS is not a “one time” thing; once the corrective strategies are provided, they will be progressed and you should be retested periodically to see how your body is responding.